While other programs offer a “one-size-fits-all” approach, our Co-op programs are designed to inspire Lassondian students to “Work Differently” by offering unique opportunities to encourage creativity, passion and “out-the-box thinking”. Entrepreneurship, social consciousness, and global citizenship will be at the heart of the experience.

The program’s unique student-centered approach combines the continuity of a traditional internship program with the flexibility of a typical co-op program, and integrates academic learning with alternating periods of paid practical work experience. Students will have the opportunity to work with major corporations, small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME’s), non-profit and public sector organizations, in Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing, Energy and other related industries, both domestically and globally.

Infused with a Lassondian twist, the Co-op program also offers a very unique Entrepreneurial option, where self-employment, freelancing and project based roles are seen as the norm rather than the exception. From the early stages of their degree, students will be exposed to an “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” providing the tools and resources necessary to start their own business venture or work with an existing startup company.             

Mayolyn Dagsi
Workplace Learning Coordinator
✉ dagsi@yorku.ca
☎ 416.736.2100 x 22913

Marily Molina
Workplace Learning Coordinator

✉ marily.molina@lassonde.yorku.ca
☎ 416.736.2100 x 44174 

Bob Eichvald
Associate Director, Co-op Program
✉ bob.eichvald@lassonde.yorku.ca
☎ 416.736.2100 x 44072
Contact Mayolyn for these programs:
Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Geomatics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Space Engineering
Earth & Atmospheric Sci. 
Contact Marily for these programs:
Computer Engineering
Software Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Security
Digital Media      

Contact Bob for the following:
Program Leadership
Corporate Partnerships
Business Partnerships
Liaising with Faculty


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